Trail PosterDilwyn is one of the first villages on the the Black & White Village Trail. The Trail is a well signed tourist route through some of the prettiest villages and most beautiful landscapes in England. Starting from the ancient town of Leominster, the 40 mile circular trail leads west through a rich landscape of orchards, hopyards and distant hills, taking in the most picturesque black and white villages along the way as well as the little market town of Kington.

The route includes: Leominster, Dilwyn, Weobley, Pembridge, Eardisley, Kinnersley, Sarnesfield, Lyonshall, Kingsland, Kington, and Eardisland.

The Black & White Trail is named for the many timber-framed houses and buildings to be seen on the route. These have a framework built of unseasoned (i.e. green) oak, with panels that are infilled with inter-woven wooden lathes covered with plaster. Originally the panels were covered with a limewash coloured with natural pigments. Painting the beams black and the panels white is relatively recent practice. It dates from restorations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when many houses were restored, their timbers re-exposed and the practice of painting the beams black and panels white, to emphasise the patterns of the timber frame, became established.

oldforgeDilwyn has many examples of these black and white timber framed buildings. The Old Forge shown here is a typical example. Nearby Karen Court and the row of houses opposite the Great House are further examples.

16th century Orchard Cottage behind the church is another worthy example.

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