St Mary's C of E Primary School

oldschoolDilwyn's school, St Mary's C of E Primary, mainly serves the parish of Dilwyn, but is open to pupils from a much wider area. The school has strong links with both St. Mary's Church and the whole community.

Dilwyn school was first established as a charity school as early as the late 18th century. At first the day school was based at the church but in 1845, the earliest part of the present, purpose built school was established in the grounds of the house provided for the headmaster. It was greatly extended in 1872 and further improvements in facillities have been made from that date to recent times to provide what is now a modern teaching environment.

In July 2011, despite an intensive campaign to save it, the school was closed as a local authority school funded by Herefordshire Council.

However, in September 2011, the school re-opened as St Mary's C.E. Primary School, an independent non fee paying school and no longer under the direct control of the local authority. The council did not own the school buildings and grounds as these are owned by a Dilwyn trust set up by the original benefactors in the mid 19th century.

From January 2013, the school became a directly government funded Free School and so, after 167 years, the school site continues to provide quality primary education to children from Dilwyn and its surroundings.

The school has its own website:

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