Bell Ringers

St. Mary's Bells and Bell Ringers

Mr Tony Price, Karen Court, 01544 319378

Practice: Tuesday 19:30. Both novice and experienced newcomers are welcomed.

Sunday and other service ringing: By arrangement

On average, there are around 15 regular visitors at a practice on Tuesdays nights, with some people even travelling up to 20 miles just to ring at Dilwyn. At Dilwyn, there is always a welcome for ringers and new recruits of all ages. There is a tea break with cake during the practice. The aim is to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and has made some progress by the end of the practice night.

The present peal of bells dates from 1733 having been cast by A. R. Rudhall, of Gloucester. In 1875 the tower was restored, and the bells re-hung, at a cost of £250. In 1975 the bells were again restored and rehung in a new metal frame by Taylors of Loughborough.

The Six Bells:
Bell Weight Note Diameter Cast
1 5cwt E 29.25" 1733
2 5cwt D 30.25" 1733
3 5cwt C 32.00" 1733
4 6cwt B 33.25" 1733
5 7cwt A 36.00" 1733
6 11cwt G 40.25" 1733

Inscriptions & dates
  1. Prosperity to all my benefactors, A. R., 1733
  2. Peace and good neighbourhood, 1733
  3. A. R. Rudhall, of Gloucester, cast us all, 1733
  4. A. R., 1733
  5. Richard Bradford and Thomas Sheward, Ch. wardens
  6. I to the church the living call, And to the grave do summons all.

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