Entries in the Domesday Book for Dilwyn Parish

This article lists all the  translated extracts relating to the area of Dilwyn parish. It shows that various communities were well established under the anglo-saxons before the arrival of the Normans. In fact it names the anglo-saxon land holders prior to the conquest. The purpose of the Domesday book was to establish the levels of taxation that could be applied.

A History of Dilwyn Published in 1868

A transcription of an extract from the Archaeologia Cambrensis (Third Series, No 54, APRIL 1868) published by the Cambrian Archaeological Association.

Mansions & The Manor of Dilwyn 1872

This is a history of the Mansions and Main Manor of Dilwyn that was published by the by Rev. Charles J Robinson in 1872.

Royal Commision Dilwyn survey 1934

An inventory of Dilwyn's historical monuments and buildings produced by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments.

St Mary's Church History

The church has served Dilwyn for well over 800 years and has developed from a quite modest structure to the much extended Grade I listed building that exists today.

Dilwyn RBL History

The history of Dilwyn's branch of the Royal British Legion from formation to the present.

The Village Green Origins

How the village Green was generously gifted to the parish as recently as just 50 years ago.

Agricultural Union 1872

These extracts give an insight into the lives of the agricultural workers of Dilwyn in the 1870's.

Dilwyn Sites & Monuments

This listing is an extract of the records for Dilwyn from Herfordshire's Sites and Monuments database.

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